I miss my oven - Savebuckets price comparison site may just save my day

Although I don't bake - breads and cakes (mostly sweet stuff), I still had a use for my built-in oven while I was in my rented apartment in Sunnyvale. I used the oven to make pizzas, bake chicken pies, and even grill/bake fried chicken wings! Absence makes the heart fonder - yes...fonder of an oven when right now I don't have one in Taiwan. The kitchen that has no microwave, oven (and a dishwasher). I'm getting used to it. No microwave means I cannot keep cooked food and eat them the next day. Well, this might just be something good. No dishwasher means I just have to do it via my own labor (and hands) - also something for the better? No oven means no homemade chicken pies for me. Oh well, this does not hurt but it irritates my stomach when it's empty, or rather...hungry. Maybe I should buy a freestanding oven so that I can start making some snacks? With this price comparison function, it surely makes product comparison easier in terms of product features and price. I can also state "my own budget" for a oven, and a notification email will be sent to me once a product at "my price" is found. This helps when you are not in urgent need for a particular product and willing to wait for the right one to come - at the right price and quality. Savebuckets may just save our day!