Love food and be at Food Connect

Am I born to cook? I can only say I develop an interest for that after I moved out from home. But I do love food. That, I am sure. Only a year ago, I learnt to cook Asian favorites such as Nasi Lemak; to Italian fare - a wide variety of pasta dishes. Even fried rice that makes paradise too! Yes, the music playing is that of Fried Rice Paradise. Such music that declares my love for food. "...Nasi Goreng very nice..." ..."...Sambal Belachan No. 1...". Try spotting the number of food items featured in this music video. Love it just like I love cooking.

You will be amazed. So much food, like the thousands of recipes shared online at There must be many food lovers out there like you and me. With this online network, you can now submit your recipe and have a free nutritional analysis done for each recipe you submit. I noticed some blogger friends plan their meal at the start of the week - this will be a good tool to use since you can now plan your menu and easily print off your shopping list for that week. Being organized also helps make entertaining so much fun and easier. is indeed an ultimate foodies tool for you, whichever aspect of food you are into. Be there!