Food pictures and recipes - your custom birthday card

Now, this is not about my own birthday or a birthday of a family member or a close friend. I'm a lousy blog owner. Many of my blogger friends remember their blog's birthday or anniversary and even wish their blog with birthday greetings when their blog turn one, or two (some even older) but I have never done that! Frankly, I don't keep track. If I ever remember, I will be good and customize a birthday card for my blog. Well, it's more than that. With CardsDirect, you can have a wide selection of birthday cards and create birthday cards for your loved ones! And there is so much customization and personalization you can do - what I like about this service.

For example, I have picked one card (above), and customize both the card inside and even the envelope flaps. You can also pick a pre-designed verse or have a custom greeting to this. You can also give a little personalized wording and even choose the ink color, typestyle and font size. There are so many features to play with - to make the card your own, have then printed, then send them to your recipients - family, friends, and even business partners - can be casual but professionally corporate as well. Isn't that great?