Ready for deep frying - CLICK Metal

For this month of March, it is CLICK Metal.

Non-stick Teflon pan/wok is not suitable for deep-frying since Teflon tends to degrade at high temperatures. Limit your non-stick pan to low temperature cooking such as saute or cooking sauces. Get a stainless-steel pan or wok for high temperature cooking - deep frying, for example.

I am preparing this stainless-steel wok of hot oil for deep frying. When do you know it's the right temperature to start ? Put the tip of a wooden chopsticks in the oil and if it starts to sizzle and bubble near tip surface of the chopsticks, it's ready. :)

With this wok of hot oil, you can do -
Nori shrimps
Spicy shrimp balls
Spicy chicken wings