Organic herb tea, chinese herb tea - may the force be with you

I got myself some organic Chinese herb tea the other day, in an organic shop. They are just the exact herbs-ingredients I wanted, to mix with some leftover sliced American ginseng bits. How about sipping the tea, nibbling the mini almond cookies while playing chess ?

Love these tea bags... they were not made of paper or some kind of pulp material. It's almost like a silky satin tea bag

In these little tea bags were radix astragali - 黃耆 (huang qi); gojiberry (also known as fructus lycii or wolfberry 枸杞子) and jujubes(red dates 紅棗).

Radix Astragali - Benefits those with deficiency of qi. For qi is a kind of "force" and energy, it is said that Radix Astragali helps to reduce weakness and fatigue. For this instance, I felt like saying..."May the force be with you" :D

Gojiberry has been touted as a superfood, super antioxidant. Chinese believe that gojiberry helps improve vision, and replenish vital essence in the overall body system. It is one of those milder herbs that can be incorporated into cooking such as in rice porridge , vegetables and even steamed herbal chicken, to impart a hint of natural sweet flavor to your recipes and cooking.

Jujube (Red Date) - known to nourish blood and invigorate the spleen and stomach. Also reduces fatigue, hypertension, physical exhaustion and malnutrition. Since recent nutrition analysis showed that red date is rich in Vitamin C, it has been known for improving general health.

In general, when you put these three herbs together, the common benefit is to treat the deficiency of qi (or energy) - 补气. From some TCM sources, it is also said that if combined with American ginseng, the combined mixture has anti-cancer properties. As for the scientific facts of this, I leave to your discretion.

Meanwhile, slow down and relax...this mildly sweet and refreshing herb tea should be sipped slowly and it will calm you nicely. about sipping tea, enjoying cookies and checking out Weekend Herb Blogging - this week we are with Margot of Coffee and Vanilla.

Yay, weekend's here :)

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