Pasta Pipe Rigate in Light Tomato Soup

Minestrone usually "formulates" a handful of pasta shells relative to a big pot of soup. I don't see a big deal...adding in more cooked pasta shells to my leftover minestrone the next day and have a rigate* one-dish meal.

Rigate in Light Tomato Soup

For Leftover Tuesdays, I boiled one serving of Pipe Rigate and added them to the leftover corn minestrone. Since it is leftover soup, I did not want to re-boil it for too long by cooking the pasta in there (just like when I made the soup). I added in the cooked(boiled) rigate while heating up the leftover soup over a stove. Within minutes, I have a perfect one-dish meal. Since minestrone means "Big Soup" to the Italians - a soup with lots of goodies in it, a "Big Soup" should essentially have a big embracing heart and be forgiving. I hope I did not offend any Italians by thwarting cooking minestrone as a light soup base for my rigate dish ;)

*Pipe Rigate is such a uniquely designed pasta shell that is opened on one edge and partially sealed and flattened on the other. Perfect for entrapping sauce, gravy, soup essence and even little corn kernels :)

Check out for my easy minestrone recipe here.

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