Beef Noodle Soup in Taiwan - absolutely enjoyed this so far !

In essence, there are two kinds of beef noodle soup in Taiwan. The braised variety in a usually heavy-tasting broth 红烧牛肉面 vs the stewed variety in light broth 清炖牛肉面. It is definitely easier to find a store that offers braised beef noodle soup. The "light broth" variety is a harder find. And to come by one which is good-tasting is more difficult. I absolutely enjoyed the "light broth" version in this particular mom-and-pop beef noodle store in Taichung city, Taiwan and got inspired to have my own homemade beef noodle soup. Mine was all tasty but nothing compared to the one in store. Mediocre, sub-standard, inferior - I'm saying mine! In the face of this...

The broth is very flavorful though it looks not, from the translucent almost-transparent color. Myth busted! Light broth can be full of depth too!

Perfect noodle texture with a five-finger pinch of green onions garnish!

Of course, super tender beef...

Is that beef brisket? I think so. I don't know. But this part of the beef was very intentionally and well selected. Look at the beef cartilage intertwined in the meat. It definitely gives the best bite to the beef.

台中市西區公館路265號 (五權五街 & 五權路路口交會處附近)

Dong Jia Beef Noodle
Gong Guan Road #265 (near intersection junction of Wu Quan 5th Street and Wu Quan Road)
Taichung City, Taiwan
Rest on Saturdays

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