Wonton noodles - Maks noodles in Hong Kong

Noodling in Noodledom Hong Kong...

Noodling in noodle-dom, taken at Maks Noodles ~ Jardine Bazaar location

In Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Hong Kong), he speaks "...taste, texture and dedication to a century-old craft......resulting in the perfect noodle..." after visiting one of the oldest and most traditional noodle maker of bamboo noodles. I could not agree more. You should watch this episode. I tried searching Youtube using keywords "Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Hong Kong" but it was futile. Thanks to my reader, Vince, for leading me to this video. I did not use the keyword "Sem Reservas" and would not have known!

OUCH! The noodle maker bounces on the bamboo using his body weight to flatten the noodle dough. "Bouncing" is critical and imparts gentle yet firm forces on the dough so that the finished noodles are crisp but not fragile.

Bamboo-noodle art happens at ~ 2min-mark in the video. You MUST watch this! (Courtesy: Youtube contributor)

And of course, some of the the best Wonton Noodles in Hong Kong have just this perfect texture.

Maks Noodles use duck eggs which impart a different flavor to the noodles. This flavor is particularly upped a notch when paired with saltwater shrimp/prawn dumplings.

noodles - flavorful broth with top quality wonton skin, wonton fillings and special textured noodles. What could be better. Well, Maks Noodles makes the mark :)

Maks Noodles
44 Jardine Bazzar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong - Causeway Bay MTR
Other locations (including but not limited)
G/F, 77 Wellington St. Central - Central MTR Exit D1 & D2

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You can also try Mak Man Kee. However, on our return trip to Mak Man Kee this time, we found the standard has dropped drastically. Beats me.

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