California sunshine - updates

1. I'm posting this from California, US. Will be here for a week. Apologies for not giving a prompt update as I left in a rush. As a result, I've not been visiting your blog and leaving comments at the expected frequency. I'll visit you soon...I've not forgotten about you, ya ? :P

2. My kind readers, Wilfrid and Noobcook have given me feedback that my RSS does not seem to be working?!?! :( Hmmm...not a good time for this to happen right now. I spent an hour troubleshooting (pardon me...I'm not a computer smartie) and am still not sure of the problem. Is it browser related - IE vs Mozilla. I'm on Mozilla all the time - updating templates, html, posts etc. using Mozilla as the reference. And sometimes, templates look alright in Mozilla but turn out disastrous in IE. So, I'm not sure if the RSS issue is happening because of that. Thanks again, Wilfrid and Noobcook, for letting me know of the issue.

3. California weather around the Bay Area is PERFECT! Yes...the sunshine is always enjoyable here because the humidity is tolerable. Love it!