Getting tender beef + beef and onion secret affair

Choosing the right cut of beef for the intended cooking method. That will make your beef tender. Some cuts of beef benefit from slow cooking methods such as stewing, braising VS other cuts that are more suitable for grilling. I do not go to a specialty butcher to intentionally select meat, specifically the right cuts of it. I buy my "cuts" - sirloin, flank or simply...stew cubes (not knowing which part or cut)...from whatever I see, available in the supermarkets/grocery produce stores.

If I choose a flank for that day and plan to do a dish such as Stir Fry Black Pepper Beef or rather Black Pepper Basil Beef, the FIRST thing I will remember in my beef preparation is to SLICE AGAINST THE GRAINS LINES of the beef. This has ever since (forgotten when!) gone embedded into my head. SLICE AGAINST THE GRAINS LINES to get yourself a better(easier) chew of the beef (in short, tender beef) when cooked. Unless you are chewing on beef jerky...when it does not really matter or in fact, the only time you want your beef to sustain the chewing action of your dynamic teeth for the longest time ?

Beef and onion do have a secret affair and it's not as simple as combining them in a dish like this.

What do you do to get your beef tender?

To be continued...

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