Mushrooms Beef Pasta with Spicy Sauce - wonders of Asian curry powder

Tomatoes + onions + ground beef - the most basic of my homemade pasta meat sauce. For extra perks, I usually add mushrooms -white or brown crimini mushrooms. Or when I'm crazy, oyster mushrooms and swordbelt mushrooms. My meatless pasta sauce version has gotta be this chunky vegetable pasta sauce. I can't get bored with pasta, can I ? I've been having them almost once a week, at least, recently.

"Fusili with Mushrooms and Beef in a Lightly Spiced Sauce " sounds like a traffic throng in the tongue, but the ingredients and cooking are SIMPLE, really. Finished by a unique touch of spice - Asian curry powder. Now...that's even crazier than adding oyster and Japanese mushrooms into a pasta dish.

Fusili with Mushrooms and Beef in a Lightly Spiced Sauce
Ingredients: Ground beef; half a onion- sliced and chopped finely; assorted mushrooms; can of diced tomatoes; 2tsp curry powder (or more depending on how strong a curry flavor you want but note: do not use too much or it will become curry beef - as in with too much gravy); fusili, cooked according to instructions

1. In lightly oiled pan, add in onions to saute and when slightly soften (half way to "translucence"), add in tomatoes, then ground beef and mushrooms. Will take about 3-5mins for things to "soften" a little (to be cooked)
2. Add ~2 tsp curry powder and mix well
3. Add some water/stock, allow it to simmer on low heat
4. Before serving, add in boiled/cooked pasta in the pan of sauce and mix well

Crazy but simple, isn't it? :D Not too fiery...just mildly spicy. Due to my recent travel, I've missed Presto Pasta Night for almost a month! I'm back, Ruth!

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