Posting, blogging, cooking - will a timesheet help?

20% of my time visiting fellow foodies' blogs; 30% of my time to be spent on writing; 50% of my time dedicated to cooking and experimenting new recipes. Well, if only I could track my personal time at home using a timesheet-based software. Not for now maybe. The Timesheet Software offered by Atlantic Global is powerful and definitely caters more to the dynamic enterprise in today's business. I remembered being over-burdened by timesheet tracking in the past due to the user-unfriendliness of the software itself. Timesheet and resource tracking actually slowed down work efficiencies back then. However, with a timesheet software which is able to optimize and help set focus, work productivity and quality will have an expected boost. The enterprise timesheet and expense management software for contractor management and resource tracking will also help timely and accurate allocation of resources - one of the challenges in managing multi-latitude and multi-dimensional projects. Look and see where are the actual business activity costs and revenue-generating areas - with the use of project management software that helps you track and risk manage. Software cannot replace what we (the people) do at work but they can surely help us automate and allow a more systematic way of doing things.