Sashimi and Japanese food - all you can eat

Since it is all-you-can-eat, I reckon attacking the sashimi makes the money worth! I do not take sashimi in the past but when you land yourself in fresh salmon sashimi for once, you will learn to like sashimi.

Remember this fish ?

One of you asked a relevant question. If I did not know what it was, how did I order it? Haahahha...blame that all-you-can-eat ala carte style dining. There were five sashimi items on the menu, written in Chinese and Japanese. With my limited language ability in both, I could only try all the sashimi items by item # and quantity. So landed myself in a situation where I don't know what I was eating :O

This is also an unknown fish, served in a hotpot. Of course, you don't eat it raw. The personal little hotpot is supposed to cook it. :P

We only had one serving of shrimp tempura since fried breading and crust will make us lose appetite for other food

In short, we tried a lot of fish items. Grilled fish and sashimi....grilled fish and sashimi...grilled fish and sashimi....

Make it worth for less than 20USD per pax, and you get all-you-can-eat sashimi and grilled fish items.

台中市文心路三段 8 號
Wen Xin Road, Section 3, #8
Taichung City, Taiwan

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