Japanese set - Oyako Don, Burdock Root and Miso Soup

Do you know how/why Oyako Don is thus named ?

Oya- means parent.
ko- means child.
Oyako- ...a single word for parent-and-child.
Don, a short from of Donburi meaning a big bowl with lots of rice on the bottom and other food on top.

In Chinese, we call it 亲子丼 (QinZi Don). 鸡肉&鸡蛋=亲子...yes...parent-and-child will be equivalent to the chicken and the eggs respectively. If you are served grilled salmon with salmon roes on top of the rice, it qualifies as Oyako Don too!

See that little side dish ? It is burdock root. This is a common Japanese appetizer. For more on burdock root, check it out here.

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