Taiwan street food - turkey rice, 火鸡肉饭

A famous street food of 嘉义( Jiayi, Taiwan): 火鸡肉饭, which is Turkey Rice. I don't think it is unfamiliar or strange to you. Some of you make this dish (from the leftovers of a roasted turkey) after Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Hahahhaha....

In Taiwan, it's available all year round.

But I prefer chicken rice anytime! And I've painfully reminded myself of Hainanese Chicken Rice back in Singapore.

Is it a widely-accepted fact...when you talk about "where to look for good food"? In Taiwan, you can try finding good (and cheap) eats near the temples (庙 口小吃), major universities, or some of the old historic streets (老街) . In night markets too, you will find yummy snacks and food.

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