Cake Biscuit - Wood Log Biscuits, not Mooncakes - Alisan, Taiwan

No, these are not mooncakes

These are Wood Log Biscuits/Cakes - enjoyed with tea, up in the mountains of Alisan.

What a variety of colors, textures and tastes

Literally, 柴頭餅 (pronounced Cai Tou Bing) means Wood Log Biscuits/Cakes, due to the brown, wood-like unappealing appearance. The texture is fulfilling - from the external dense pastry (almost like chewy-type granola bars) to the inside of soft chewy mochi.

Traditionally, the first layer of flour pastry is baked (and browned) in the mild fire and heat of burning wood logs and skins of sugarcane.

The second inner "paste" layer can be made of each variety - kumquat, red bean, mountain yam

Here, the inside and center of the cake biscuit (third layer) is tea-flavored mochi.

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