Steamed meat with shrimps, carrots, mushrooms, tofu - 蒸肉饼

30 Sept Update: Some of the readers thought I steamed this in a slow-cooker. No- I did not. This was done via conventionally steaming with the meat mixture wrapped in foil. Sorry for the confusion.

When I have no time, I will dump everything (make sure the ingredients are compatible!) into the slow cooker and let is slowly cook. A beef stew can be prepared just like that. As you all know, the slow cooker is if you have REAaaaaLLY no time to even wait, this is my "no-pride" cooking for you. Mix everything up in "cake" form and steam it.

Does this look like a "steep cliff" to climb ?
*Cooked this while I was in Taiwan

Here I have mushrooms, baby carrots, diced shrimps, sliced green onions and half a pack of soft tofu mixed into ground meat (pork is used here) that has been marinated/seasoned with some salt, dark soy sauce, cooking wine, white pepper and dashes of sesame oil.

Nope - I did not mix and mesh all the tofu into the meat as one big lump (that will be too URRGGgghhh!). Instead, the remaining half of the tofu - I layer it like lasagna with the meat mixture. A layer of pre-marinated meat (already mixed with mushrooms, baby carrots, diced shrimps and sliced green onions) at the bottom; followed by some cubed tofu, then another layer of meat mixture; followed by another layer of cubed tofu. Steam for 10-20mins depending on size of "cake".

This is meat "cake"! My own homemade version of 蒸肉饼 ! Can be classified as another busy-executive cooking :P time lazy to make cooking preparations, no time lazy to cook, no time lazy to wash the plates (notice I use aluminum foil?) and even no time lazy to present this nicely on a plate to take decent photographs…that's me!

I hope I have not made you lose your appetite but it is really quite tasty. ^o^