Lemongrass Steamed Fish with Ginger, Cilantro and Green Onions

Teach a Man to Fish is the blog event that taught me a lot about sustainable seafood. How I wish Singapore could educate consumers about seafood around the Asia region since some of Singapore's fish imports come from neighboring Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

If there were a similar pocket seafood guide like the one from Monterey Bay Aquarium, I would... and could use it when I buy seafood in supermarkets here.

If you could get a red snapper to cook your fish dish today, a good alternative would be a red snapper from the Northwest Hawaiian Islands and avoid those from US Gulf of Mexico and Main Hawaiian Islands.

No more "Ifs".

With good quality fresh seafood, I go for minimal cooking. Lightly grilled, simply baked or easily steamed. And I usually don't deep fry a fresh fish unless it is called for.

Lemongrass Steamed Red Snapper
snapper fillet rubbed with salt and pepper and drizzle of cooking wine and soy sauce; and these herbs - lemongrass, cilranto, green onion, ginger, red chili; and silken tofu cubes (optional)

With the lightly seasoned fish, place in steamer with the herbs and tofu and steam about 8 mins.

Did you remember my participation in the same event the previous year?

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