Indian mutton balls, lamp chops, briyani, fish sambal - a Deepavali lunch invite

We love Indian food. Naturally, hubby and I were delighted and privileged to be invited by YJ and YJ's mom-in-law, to a Deepavali lunch last weekend. YJ happened to be in Singapore during this time while her hubby, A (also our friend) is still in US. So....A, we are going to eat your mom's superb Indian/Tamil cooking on your behalf, ok? :D Thank you - A and YJ, for the invite and all the delicious food.

There were chicken curry, fried chicken wings, lamp choppies, kola urundai (minced mutton balls), vegetable briyani, cucumber raita and fish sambal. All-so-yummy!

A closer glance at kola urundai (minced mutton balls)

These are lamp choppies which were cooked above charcoal fire. WhoaAAA!

Coming up next will be some Indian snacks that had me crunching over Deepavali last week. Also, I've learn more about Indian cooking from A's mom and have started cooking a few Indian vegetarian food based on her verbal tips and recipes. Thanks, auntie :)

I only had the chance to update the Deepavali lunch and snacks this week, as I have been busy ever since work started. How I wish this working nightmare can be gone forever. Meanwhile, hoping that my passion in food keeps me sane and alive, till our dream comes true.

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