Fish Pasta

Who says fish and pasta can't mix? When there is No Time to Cook (yet striving to have nutritious tasty meals), mixing fresh produce and pantry staples (and sometimes even freezer-friendly sauces) gets me SET!

Fish Pasta (serves 2)
Ingredients: [Fresh Produce] fish fillet, cut into slices and lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and dried oregano, green vegetables (choy sum/boy choy/kailan/broccoli); [Pantry Staples] 2 servings pasta fusili, cooked according to instructions; [Freshly-Made/Freezer-Friendly...there is nothing unhealthy about it if you done it right] tomato-based pasta sauce prepared in advance then frozen, or basic sauce (can of diced tomatoes, garlic, onion, dried herbs, salt, freshly ground black pepper) prepared on the spot would not take you more than 15 mins.

1. Prepare and cook pasta sauce -OR- heat-up pasta sauce prepared in advance*. I followed this same recipe without the meat and shitake.
2. Saute the minimally seasoned fish slices on a flat pan. This would take ~5-6 mins to complete cooking if they are thin slices.
3. Blanch/steam the green vegetables, set aside
4. Add the cooked pasta into the pasta sauce, toss well. Then top with fish and vegetables. Voila!

*I prefer making my own pasta sauce (I will make more every time, then freeze them for later use) to using bottled sauce, as I get to control the ingredients (eliminate the "bad" stuff", maximize the "goodness") going into my pasta sauce. To me, it is healthier. What do you think? ^0^

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