Tamarind Chicken similar to Coriander Chicken

There are recipes which I have bookmarked previously and which I have tried using again and again. This Tamarind Chicken from Delicious Asian Food is one recipe that I will turn to when my slow cooker calls me for a chicken dish.

The original recipe does not call for the slow cooker, and I hope I have not done the dish injustice by doing so. The Baba Coriander Chicken dish that I have cooked previously uses almost similar ingredients. As the dish speaks for itself, Ayam Sioh or Tamarind Chicken uses generous amount of tamarind while Baba Coriander Chicken uses coriander seeds, salted soy beans , (a.k.a tau cheo, in hokkien) and lemongrass. The flavor of these two chicken dishes are completely different but all good.

This bookmarked recipe will go to Family, Friends and Food who is the host for the week.

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