Steamed Shrimps with Garlic Oil...oooh la la!

There are some absolutely mouth-watering recipes that I come across while I surf the food blogs. I look at them picture-perfect and drool-worthy, ready to try the recipe one day...slowly but surely.

Rasa Malaysia's Steamed Shrimp with Garlic Oil is one that I have bookmarked for the longest time now since the recipe satisfies my criteria when it comes to cooking esp. for worker-bees: First, of course, it is fuss-free and a time-saver. Second, the delicious-ness.

The trick to saving time during a work week is to fry the garlic over the weekend, then store them (fried garlic and garlic oil) within air-tight container in the fridge. On a normal work day, you just have to thaw the shrimps/prawns from freezer to fridge in the morning; and in the evening, set the properly-sliced shrimps to steam with the essentials - fried garlic, some garlic oil, green onions/scallions etc. That is it. Of course, fresh shrimps would be better if available.

Also remember, you have to be patient - not to burn the garlic while frying, or it will turn bitter and spoil any other dishes.

If you find yourself drooling now, am I. I re-created from RM's recipe and the shrimps turned out almost exactly perfect. The recipe is very easy to follow. I am so happy. Thank you, Rasa Malaysia... *muakz and hugz*

This bookmarked recipe will go to Ivy at Kopiaste who is the host for the week.

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