Potatoes with Cheese and Choy Sum

I am not a cheese connoisseur but I do enjoy cheese once in a while. I hardly incorporate cheese in my cooking as when I do eat cheese, I tend to have them as-is like a snack - buying block cheeses, cutting it into small cubes, and enjoying them with cheese-worthy crackers (a.k.a plain crackers) - just like these crackertizers.

I hardly like processed cheese ever since I know they are not really good stuff. But not too long ago, I had processed cheddar cheese slices in my fridge. Don't ask me how/why I got them - it must be on sale or FOC. And I do have a funny logic that follows - it is processed cheese anyway, no harm using them in a cooked dish like... ... Cheesy Potato.

Let the cheese melt with those boiled potatoes in a microwave...

add some greens, toss it up, dash of salt and freshly ground black pepper... ...and that becomes my very own cheese and potato dish for MFT - Cheese and In Love with Food.

Can anyone tell me what is unhealthy about this dish? I need to know so that I stop deceiving myself!!

Cheesy Potato
...oh, I sound so cheesy and uncreative. DUH.

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