Summer Soba Delight + Spring Onion on Scale of Pungency

Get ready for summer with this soba delight.

It's Spring. Head down to get your seasonal produce - will it include Spring Onions? Spring Onions, Green Onions - some call it Scallions. Are they the same? Remember my Scale of Pungency? You got to know their difference somehow though they are termed interchangeably.

Summer Soba Delight
Ingredients: soba, cooked according to instructions; some blanched spinach, green onion dressing.

Directions: Toss the soba noodles in the green onion dressing and serve with spinach.

This light refreshing noodle dish goes to Ruth for Presto Pasta Night. Ruth, I was almost going to give this round a miss because I am so busy these days. But how can I miss it when it's Ruth - the creator of PPN, hosting this round? ^0^

Meanwhile, I will be taking a one-week break... to... ...*you know where?* You will know when you read my postings soon.

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