Wok-Fry Blue Crabs with Ginger and Green Onions - 姜葱炒蟹

I never knew blue crabs could be cooked so easily at home. They seem so "intimidating" (crawling actively in a box) whenever I see them being sold in Ranch99 (one of my favorite Asian grocery stores in California). I bought some(TWO) blue crabs when I saw the sale tag on them one day - $3.99/lb! On sale does not necessarily mean not-fresh or any poorer quality stuff. At least, those little blue creatures were still alive and kicking when I lifted them (using kitchen tongs) from the box of blue crab heaps. As if I am saving them from overcrowding. OK, let me buy TWO. If I fail, an inexpensive mistake. Bleh. Don't call me a cheapskate.

While I read from some Internet sources that when dungeness crab season starts (usually from mid-November), the blue crab season ceases - I am sure I am not going to miss these blue crabs NOW, this time. And because blue crabs are small in size, they are so much easier to fry up in a wok. I don't have to resort to just one method of cooking crab - steaming, anymore. Yay! A simple wok fry of these crabs with green onions and ginger will do the magic. And it did.

Wok-Fry Blue Crab with Ginger and Green Onions (姜葱炒蟹)
Ingredients: Blue crab, cleaned and chopped to smaller pieces, then slightly marinated in cooking wine; ginger, thinly sliced; green onion, coarsely chopped, pinch of white pepper and salt; cooking wine

Directions: In a oiled and heated pan, add in ginger and green onions and fry till fragrant. Add in crab, fry and mix well. Cover the pan and allow some steam to cook the crabs for 5-6 minutes till the shells of the crabs turn slightly orange-red. Remove cover and fry briskly again. Add in pinch of white pepper and salt, mix well with the crabs. When the crabs are almost cooked, drizzle in more cooking wine from the sides of the wok and allow the crabs to sizzle while they are completely cooked. Serve immediately.

Contrary to saying that crabs have high cholesterol, one should also know that crabs are high in mineral content such as zinc and phosphorous and is a good source of protein. Zinc strengthens the muscles and the immune system. If you watch Dr. Oz, it says the #1 food source for zinc is shellfish! So, the next time you hear people against you eating crabs (high cholesterol...blah blah blah...), that is because they want the crabs for themselves! Haha!

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