Vegetarian Rice Vermicelli

With many vegetable dishes, I like to make them into "one-dish-ers" that are easy and tasty. If you have cooked excess of Cabbage and Carrot Curry and got bored with eating the leftovers with rice the next day, the next alternative is of course...N-O-O-D-L-E-S  ! (Oh, what a cheat!) . Well, it is really a cheat. A cheat-sheet to create a vegetarian rice vermicelli dish. How many of you fry your rice vermicelli with cabbage? Me! me! Mua! Me! me!...OK...I heard you. Me too. :D

In a healthier way, I always prefer to "fry" rice vermicelli till cooked through by simmering them in water-based gravy (bland? add in spices, seasonings, herbs to flavor), rather than cook it in oil. By the time the gravy evaporates and gets absorbed into the vermicelli, the end-product: moist, soft rice vermicelli that is non-greasy. So, if you have got recipes with light (meaning, non-starchy) gravy - try to improvise and simmer rice vermicelli in them till all the gravy is absorbed and is being mixed well with the vermicelli.

Curried Cabbage and Carrot Rice Vermicelli
Ingredients: cabbage, finely shredded; carrot, finely shredded; white pepper; rice vermicelli, soaked in warm water for 5 - 8 minutes to soften
Directions: Follow instructions for Cabbage and Carrot Curry, and after curry is cooked, add in rice vermicelli, mix well into the curry. Simmer at low heat till the curry is absorbed by the vermicelli and thoroughly mixed.

Who says vegetarian food needs to be greasy to taste good? This vegetarian rice vermicelli dish goes to Presto Pasta Night at Once Upon a Feast.

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