Friday, January 15, 2010

Fried vermicelli street food is indulgence for me in Singapore?

Hey folks! I have been back visiting in Singapore since Christmas and will be staying for about a month before I return to California. Street and hawker food is usually what I indulge in (yes, a luxurious word for cheap and good hawker fare) when I am in Singapore because they are rare in California. Well, I am quite sure I can NEVER find food packaged THIS WAY! Just so nostalgic and so real!

In California, take-outs  are common but packed in styrofoam boxes like that, and not this...
In Taiwan, take-outs are sometimes packed in paper boxes like that, and not this...

Yes, in that brown paper lined with thin plastic film (package equally unhealthy as styrofoam box) lies really simple foodfare of fried vermicelli paired with chicken wings, "purse"egg (荷包蛋 equivalent to sunny-side up), some spicy long beans and pickled green chili! Yeah! Yes, sinful but tasty! It is not everyday foodfare so it is ok. We call that Economic Bee Hoon (经济 米粉). Weird name but that's how we call it.

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