Kale Winter Vegetable Soup of the Day - with Salmon and Tofu

A heart-healthy seasonal soup for winter. Best way to use seasonal produce (kale) and concoct the best dish (soup!) to comfort us during winter.

Kale Soup with Salmon and Tofu
Ingredients: Kale (note: best to get organic - classified as one of the Dirty Dozen), rinsed and tear leaves to smaller pieces; 1 garlic, finely minced; 1/2 box soft tofu, cubed; 1 salmon fillet, sliced; salt and white pepper to taste

Directions: Add oil to heated pan. Saute garlic briskly, then add kale and fry till leaves softened. Add water then add tofu and add salt and pepper to taste. When almost ready (kale almost cooked), add in salmon pieces and simmer till salmon is cooked (note: do not overcook salmon). Drizzle 2 drops of sesame oil to flavor up. Serve immediately.

Remember Kale, this winter vegetable? Many ways to cook them. Other than a soup like this, you can also stir fry with garlic. I personally prefer the soup version. This soup made from winter vegetable - kale, goes to Monthly Mingle: Winter Fruits and Vegetables. Monthly Mingle is organized by Meeta from What's for Lunch, Honey? each month.

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