Pineapple cookies, tarts and rolls

28 Feb marks the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. There are many cookies, tarts and rolls that are left which are mostly "gifts" from my parents (they received these gifts from friends and pass them on to me) - I decided it was still tartelicious!

Pineapple tarts and rolls must be one of the most popular and widely variate "cookies" during Chinese New Year. It comes in opened rolls like this and this; opened tarts like this and closed tarts like this. I am amazed!

I prefer the open tart because visually, it seems to have more filling than pastry crust and I love more filling, filling, filling! Is that just a visual illusion or you bakers out there can tell me, if the ratio of pineaple filling to the pastry crust is really different in the bake process for a open vs closed tart/roll?

What's your favorite? Opened, closed, tart, roll? ^0^

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