What's most expensive in your grocery bill

While many Chinese families in Asian societies around the world are busy spending money on market-ing and supermarket-ing in preparation for reunion dinners and get-together meals, I must be a damper to be complaining about my grocery bill. HA! Sorry. Taking a break from Chinese New Year postings....

Looking at my grocery bill (below) in Singapore - a pack of good quality breakfast muesli (SGD11.50 - USD8.00) and milk (SGD15.60 - USD11.00 for half gallon) are more expensive than a piece of salmon steak? Something is going on right here. Wrong. Weird.

Good quality breakfast cereals and muesli does not necessarily mean expensive brands but something more natural: no high fructose corn syrup and in fact, no artificial syrup of any kind. A good nutritious cheaper alternative will be (cooking) oats. Organic milk, oh my god! It's more than 10 bucks for organic milk! So ex. Of course I hear one of my readers saying "Tastes in food are going to be different anywhere you go"...I know. Likewise for prices of groceries as that just depends on geographic, economics and resources.

Do you think that is expensive?

What is most expensive in your grocery bill ?

I am not a totally organic person because of the same argument that it is always more expensive than the standard fare. When barely making the ends meet, we would not care about the kind of food we eat as long as there is something to eat? I still try to go in the direction of choosing wisely, for example, organic processed food does not tempt me as much as organic fresh produce since processed food has been processed anyway.

Anyway, sensitive topic and I will steer away from it at this time. For now, I will just look forward to returning home while my visit to Singapore will end soon.

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