Egg Curry - Quail or Chicken Eggs, your wish

An Egg Curry with a little mulligatawny influences...

Following the quail egg post, hey hey...I have heard from you: One quail egg cholesterol is equivalent to one chicken egg. Goodness gracious! Even though the nutrition is much higher in quail egg, you tend to consume more quail eggs in one serving compared to chicken eggs (which we usually just have 1 each). That is the "danger" lurking...and it is extremely scary.

I ate 3 quail eggs from this dish I cooked, which means 3-4 chicken eggs in that one serving! I advise you to change to chicken eggs for this less-than-20 minute-recipe....if you wish.

Egg Curry
Ingredients: Few hard-boiled eggs; 2 tomatoes, sliced to bite-size; 2 small red onions, thinly sliced; 2-3 cloves garlic; 1 big pinch cumin; 1 big pinch fennel; 1tsp curry powder; 1 small pinch turmeric; small pinch salt and black pepper to taste

Directions: Heat some oil in a wok/pan. Fry the cumin, fennel to slightly roast them and exude their aroma. Add onions, curry powder and turmeric and and fry with cumin and fennel. When onions turn slightly translucent, add tomatoes and mix well. Add 1 to 1 1/2 cup water and allow mixture to simmer. Add salt and black pepper to taste. When gravy starts to reduce, add in hard-boiled egg. Serve with steamed rice.

This is not-the-kind-of-thick-gravy-curry. Its consistency resembles South Indian Rasam and with tangy flavors borrowed from the tomatoes. Tomatoes are what make many Indian curries so good! The delicious and appetizing taste of this "thin" curry - you should try it and you will know.

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