Snacks, old and new, reveal our age? + winner of $60 CSN Gift Certificate

I enjoy browsing specialty stores - Japanese, Korean etc. It's kinda therapeutic for me once in a while. No spa. No manicure. No pedicure. No shopping for bags, shoes, clothes. But food, yes, definitely. Tidbits and snacks, sure. *smiling*. Are adults snacks just limited to potato chips and tortilla chips? I kinda like "Pirate Booty" and being a grown-up does not mean:

"No Twisties"
"No Cheezels"
"No Mamee"
"No KA KA"
"No Bee Bee".

OK. You know how old am I now. Plus, I am totally into "savory" food even when it comes to snacks, other than dark chocolate which is the only "sweet" (or really...not that sweet) snack I adore.

I window-shop more often than I buy. And I do have a problem in such specialty stores, ending up not knowing what I buy (what to buy), as I cannot read Japanese or Korean, Thai, Vietnamese. A lot of the products and items are directly imported these days and come in their local language.

So...when the inner child takes charge...

This should be some kind of rice or "grain" drink (Picture on the can says so? Surely, those 3 brown grains floating with the rest of the white are saying something but...what?). And certainly, I do not know what is "Nostalgia Drink": - how can 1993 be Nostalgic? Hmmmm...I don't watch C.S.I.

I love these cute animal-shaped savory biscuits. Can you spot a Crab, Whale, Starfish, Tortoise(Turtle), Crocodile...the rest...errrr....? I don't watch C.S.I.

What is more interesting and cute was: When I opened up the paper box, I found comic strips all over the inside of the box!? But of course, I cannot be entertained cos I don't know how to.

I got wild with processed food?! Maybe I should go learn a new language (instead of leaning "detective" from C.S.I) to help me with my snacks. Fun.

As a kid, what was your favorite snack (or sweet) ?

Also fun to announce the winner of CSN Stores $60 Gift Certificate (picked from She is #19 of 1 to 56, Stella, at The Witchy Kitchen. Please email me your contact information (name, address, email) with Email Subject: An Escape to Food - Blog Giveaway CSN Stores $60 Gift Certificate.


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