Garlic Chips, Shallot Bits and Ginger Strips

Just like gentle aromatic herbs, there are also stronger-tasting garnishes that makes stir-fries and  soups stand out. The trio of garlic, shallots and ginger which are often a first step (pre-fry) to deepen the flavors of stir-fries, can turn to unsung heros when fried to golden as last touches to soups etc.

Fried Garlic/Garlic Chips, good in fried vermicelli, rice porridge/congee or Steamed Garlic Shrimps

How-To: Slice them razor-thin and fry them till the garlic starts to turn brown. Remove immediately and lay them on paper towels to absorb excess oil. Do not over-fry or the garlic will turn very bitter (Note: Remove them immediately when they start to turn brown and NOT when they already turned uniformly brown)

Fried Shallots, good in soups, fried noodles and even noodle soups. Also good in Gado Gado and Mee Rebus.

How-To: Slice them razor-thin and fry them in hot oil till they turn brown and crispy. Like the garlic, do not over-fry or it will turn bitter.

Fried Ginger/Ginger Fries, good as garnish in chicken or pork stir-fries

How-To: Cut into razor-thin strips and fry them in hot oil till they turn golden and crispy.

Have you tried any of the above and how did you use them?

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