How to steam fish filllet (uneven thickness) and whole fish

Remember Chef Martin Yan's way to steam fish? That is to uniformly steam a whole fish.

What if not a whole fish but an uneven fillet that is unable to "stand" on its own like a whole fish? I use a Chinese soup spoon to jack up the thickest part of the fillet. This will ensure more heat circulating through the thickest part of the fillet. Make sense? Well, you know the Chinese usually steam their fish and don't poach - so maybe that is where the tips and tricks come about.

Seasoning for the salmon can be found here

Even you are lucky enough to get a uniformly thick fillet, this trick might also work (use 2 spoons to elevate the fillet from the base of the plate).All to allow heat/steam circulation around the fish. The "fish steam bath spa"!

Then I use the magic number (Chinese favorite lucky number) "8" to steam my fish.
8 minutes. And it comes out perfect! Still moist at the center (thick part of fillet) and edges (thinner area).

I am happy to another perfect steamed fish. Is it the no. 8 ?

Have you ever steam a fillet of uneven thickness and it was not uniformly cooked?

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