Mango, Banana and Shrimp Wontons + Otah-Egg Sandwich

As a filler idea, can you imagine the magic combination of mangoes, bananas and shrimps? Seriously a deep-fried wonton.

The moist, smooth, creamy mangoes and bananas with the tender springy bite of shrimps...

OK...coming back to Otak-Otak - you can eat them straight from the banana leaves; as a side-dish to steamed rice or as a filler in your bread. Versatile, yeah?

Too Spicy for Kids?

Tone down the spice by adding some hard-boiled eggs - mash Otak-Otak and Hard-Boiled Eggs to create a kid-friendly sandwich filler. Might be a good introductory way to season your kids' palates to spice. Here is a self-explanatory collage.

The sandwich can be toasted slightly so that the sandwich (and filling) is warm whenever you want to eat it. You can pre-make the otah-hard-boiled eggs mixture 1-2 days in advance and store them in an air-tight container in the fridge.

For a change, I am sharing this sammie SouperSundays at Kahakai Kitchen.

What do you say about grilling fish wrapped in banana leaves (otah) over charcoal grill? It is summer, isn't it? Summer time = grilling time...though I would prefer grilling when the weather is cooler. The charcoal and the gas camping grills are 2 types of camping barbecue grills that do not need power or electricity. So will it be Charcoal grills or Gas grills ? These two types of barbecue grills are good choices if you want to have a great grilling experience in the outdoors. They are as good as the electric-powered ones but it gives your food a better and more delicious smoky flavor.

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