Silken Tofu with Mushrooms and Chicken

This is one homey dish that I enjoy, like many of you out there. I like tofu but seldom have them because the other half in my home do not really fancy tofu. According to some unorthodox sources, males who take too much tofu will become more feminine! Hahahah, but tofu is definitely good (food) for women. So I still have to buy(cook, then eat!). Of course, mapo tofu is enjoyed without question in my home and often asked for. However, ever since my flying here and there for the past 6-8 mths, I decided not to buy too many bottled sauces such as chili bean paste (which I use for mapo tofu) since in every move, I have to throw these bottled sauces - opened and used, away. Such a waste!

I also like to use tofu in such a combination : with mushrooms and some ground meat, generously garnished with finely chopped/slivered green onions. The earthy flavors of mushrooms and savory in ground meat can make bland tofu taste so delicious.

Silken Tofu with Ground Chicken and Bunashimeiji Mushroom
Ingredients: 2-3 cloves garlic, finely minced; 1 tsp grated ginger; 1/2 lb ground chicken, 1tsp dark soy sauce; drizzle of Chinese cooking wine; 1 pack bumashimeiji mushrooms; 1 pack soft tofu, cubed; 2 tablespoonss finely chopped green onions; salt and white pepper to taste; drizzle of sesame oil.

Directions: Add oil to pan and when heated, add garlic and ginger and fry briskly. Add ground chicken and fry briskly (breaking up into smaller bits at the same time). Add soy sauce, and cooking wine then fry briskly. When ground chicken is browned, add in mushrooms and mix well with the chicken. Add about 1 cup water, salt and white pepper to taste, cover wok/pan and allow it to simmer. When gravy starts to reduce, and towards the last 5 minutes of cooking (simmering), add tofu and simmer for remaining 5 minutes. Drizzle Chinese cooking wine over the walls/edge of the wok towards the end. Turn off heat then dash of sesame oil for some lingering aroma.(Note: if you want a fresh sesame oil taste and aroma, do not cook sesame oil for too long. Sometimes, it turns bitter after prolonged cooking and may even overpower the dish - a dish which only taste of sesame oil is not really delicious in my cooking). Garnish with green onions before serving.

I wonder if this exact dish will work if I have fresh morels and thinly slice them for cooking this dish. Waiting for that 2lbs of fresh morel mushrooms if I do get lucky... is giving away 2lbs of fresh morels!
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