Egg with BBQ Pork Slices - 肉干炒蛋

I traced the inspiration of this dish from an old family dish I used to have when I was a kid. We used to have Waxed Sausage (腊肠 La Chang in Mandarin;  or Lap Cheong, in Hokkien dialect) which is thinly sliced then fried with egg. So I gave a twist to it one day when there was leftover BBQ Pork Slices (肉干, Rou Gan in Mandarin; Bak Kwa in Hokkien dialect) at home.

Fried Egg with BBQ Pork Slices (Bak Kwa) - 肉干炒蛋 
Ingredients: Bak Kwa, sliced into tiny slices (or roughly torn to smaller pieces); 2 eggs, lightly whisked

Directions: Add Bak Kwa to the pan and fry till the oil from the pork slices is slightly released. When pan is oiled, add egg in small portions and swirl the pan so that the egg is thin and becomes "crepe-like". Repeat in batches. Serve with steamed rice or plain rice porridge (congee)

I am treating these pork slices like bacon, ya? Wanna know more about BBQ Pork/Jerky, you can check out Oyster Food and Culture.

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