Tomato-Beef Patty One Entity. Burger without Bun?

The idea was from a cooking show in the Chinese channel. I thought it was darn easy to make these beef patties. Idea I "stole" but not the recipe except for the two ingredients I followed exact - tomatoes and ground beef. I had my own seasoning to the beef patty.

Many of you have your own concoction when seasoning beef patties (esp for burgers) and they should all work fine. However, I do like the idea of tomato being the base for the patty. Why? If you can imagine...while pan-frying the patty (beef side down), the tomato on top trickles moisture down to the beef patty, ensuring the patty does not dry out. Moist and juicy. Even when you bite on them, it is juicy and moist due to the presence of tomatoes.

Tomato-Beef Patties
Ingredients: 4-6 slices of tomatoes 1/4 lb ground beef; some butter for pan-frying the patties; [Seasoning]: pinch of salt, black pepper, white pepper, dried oregano, 1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce; 1/2 tsp olive oil

Directions: Season the ground beef with seasoning. Proportion the beef patties into small round balls according to the # of tomato slices. Then place each round ball on each tomato slice and flatten the ground beef to flat patties (flatten to cover the one surface of the tomato slice completely). Repeat for all the tomato slices and ground beef. Heat some butter in a pan. When the butter melts, place the tomato-beef patties (beef-side-down) and pan-fry till the beef patty surface is browned (you can cover the pan, so that the "steam" helps to cook the beef patties faster. The tomato-beef patties will be cooked in about 5-7 minutes. When ready, serve them beef side up. If to be served later, wrap them in tin foil.

The next time, I am going to partially pan-fry the Tomato-Beef Patties, dish them out, place some cheese on the beef and then complete cooking in the oven. Yum is becoming more and more like the burger without the bun. No, it is a neat appetizer when the tomatoes, patty and cheese are all married as one entity - send them directly to your mouth!

And I think these will cook perfectly in the camping grills as well.

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