Chinese Meat Sauce Macaroni

Thank you Bee Yinn, for the shout out to my cookbook at Rasa Malaysia. ^o^

Recently, some recipes do not appear in my postings because I am just TIRED of typing another recipe after 300 times of doing similar (typing recipes in my manuscript) for the past many many months. Of course, the other reason being: I can't be publishing the same recipe here when it is in my book. However, this blog will be the place to enjoy photos and pictorials of my rice-cooker cooking. So hopefully, when you do get the book anytime now, my blog is complementary to the cookbook.

What says you if I made my Chinese meat sauce...and a meat sauce macaroni comes out of it ?

Wooooo...this is very yummy...believe me...

How often do you follow a recipe to a T in everyday home-cooking? For me, unless there is a specific dish that I so want to make and need details; otherwise, cooking for me is mostly getting ideas, deconstructing them, then constructing it again, and experiencing cooking. Perhaps this statement becomes too bold and untrue for a chef who needs uniformity, precision, accuracy and consistency in his/her dishes. Lucky I am just a home cook. Someone who enjoys cooking - nutritious, wholesome, healthy, delicious, simple, easy. Marry ingredients, "play" with them, so that on Tuesday, the cauliflower does not taste the same from Monday's cauliflower and is completely from next month cauliflower.

Though my cooking experience is not tenaciously long, I do unconsciously learn and get a foothold of how to make a dish taste good, just by being exploratory. I don't claim to succeed every time but it is ok. The next time, I will be better.

This Meat Sauce Macaroni goes to Amy at Very Culinary for Presto Pasta Nights #178. Yes I am very early but the movers will be here next week and I may simply forget what I need to do. :O You can always check the round up today for PPN #177 and next Friday for PPN #178.

Enjoy your weekend :D

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