The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook: Essential Basics

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Many of you have cooked one-pot rice dishes in your rice cooker. And besides completing Bibimbap and Biryani...

in a rice cooker - by sauteing all the aromatics (cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, shallots, garlic, etc.), then adding the tomatoes, vegetables, Basmatic rice, spices (mix well), followed by adding desired amount of water/stock and set off the rice cooker to "Cook";

how about making a variety of stocks such as chicken, shrimp and vegetable stocks? And how about completing a pasta meal all in a rice cooker ? Essential Basics they are. Pasta Marinara. YeSssss!

The 2nd chapter of my cookbook gets you started on Essential Basics, and Pasta Marinara is one of them: Cooking the pasta AND the marinara sauce all in the nifty gadget.

First, the Pasta.

When cooked, dish out the pasta and drain. Slightly clean the rice cooker pot, then put the rice cooker pot back to the rice cooker.

Then, the Marinara Sauce - start off by a saute of olive oil, minced garlic, finely diced onions and diced fresh tomatoes (no cheating, no bottled sauces, please!); simmer with some water/stock in the rice cooker, till the tomato juice is slowly released (intense flavor) and tomatoes become velvety soft and tender; then final seasoning before topping the sauce on pasta. It can't be more straightforward than that. That is why I call it the Miracle Cooker in my book.

I know I am being very general in the instructions here but sorry...I will not be able to post the detailed recipe here in my blog as the recipe (ingredients and directions) can be found in the book.

Maybe you can start off by telling me: Other than RICE, what is the next dish you intend (search your wildest imagination) to cook in your rice cooker?

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