All-Nuts Mooncake (五仁月饼) with Black Muscat Dessert Wine

This is the all-nuts nutty mooncake (五仁月饼: peanuts 花生仁, sesame seeds 芝麻仁, walnuts 核桃仁, almonds 杏仁, pumpkin seeds 瓜子仁) . Too much nuts that I cannot even see the "paste".

I still prefer the traditional and classic lotus paste with single/double yolk.

While mooncakes are best enjoyed with Chinese tea, what do you think of pairing them with sweet dessert wine? The Black Muscat dessert wine is good with sweet desserts such as brownies and chocolate cookies and even savory blue cheese. If it can be paired with sweet desserts, why not mooncakes? Maybe too sweet? The Black Muscat dessert wine is from Shenandoah Vineyards, Plymouth, California.

I know a lot of talented bakers out there make your own mooncakes. Which flavors have you made this year? 

Well, I don't make my own so I buy myself some. If you are buying too, did you stick to tradition or have you bought something unique?  

Which is your favorite mooncake flavor?

Pairing of mooncake with sweet dessert wine forFriday Firsts / 

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