Alton Brown's "Pizza Cutter" + Essential Kitchen Gadgets

In life, most of us move forward. We are encouraged to move forward while learning from life's many history lessons. So I am weird and decided to go backwards. Whenever I hit the gym's stepper machine, I go backwards.

Also, I am turning back the clock and sharing with you a few of my old favorites (which still...ARE MY FAVS!) in these coming months. One of them is Alton Brown - he was my favorite years ago till I "lost touch with him" when I could not find FoodNetwork while I was away from the US. And now when I am able to watch him again on TV - I want to share with you HIS favorite things. Yes, of all places, I read Alton Brown's Essential Kitchen Gadgets on Fastcompany (it's NOT a food mag!) which I subscribed to.

Yes. This pizza cutter is one of his favorites and I'm tellin' ya - I AM BUYING THAT!

Go read Alton Brown's Essential Kitchen Gadgets and maybe you will embrace Fastcompany magazine like I do. Seriously, I DO NOT like to read magazines online - I prefer the actual copies. And being able to get 1 year's supply (12 issues) just for $ a quality steal for me.

For those not able to catch Alton Brown's Good Eats on TV, here is an opportunity to buy a 18 DVD SET of 54 EPISODES! Plus we should all be having a good read too, - his latest book Good Eats 2: The Middle Years.

Have enough of Alton Brown yet? ^o^

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