Festive Entertaining with Niman Ranch

The last time I had burgers raised with tender loving care was three years ago in Burgermeister , Daly City, CA. Huh? Burgers with TLC? Yes. That is because the burger patties (beef, particularly) are from Niman Ranch and these are Natural Meat - humanely and sustainably raised on farms and family-owned ranches in the US, never given antibiotics and added hormones, and are fed vegetarian feeds. If you are eating "something" which do not know what it is eating, then you do not know what you are eating either. Fair enough?

With good quality meat, all you need is a basic sauce, or stew prepared with the simplest seasonings, and let the meat become the star of the meal. And it is really a classic meal this coming festive season.

Check out if your nearest retailer is carrying Niman Ranch products. If not, you can also order Niman Ranch products online. Niman Ranch is making it much easier for you: just choose your favorite cut and it will be delivered to you. Once portioned, your order is vacuum sealed, flash-frozen and shipped in insulated, reusable packaging. You can also check out its website for Care and Storage, Preparation Guide, Recipes and Wine Pairing. What a complete package!