Golden Pumpkin Dishes + more Golden Deals

My Golden Fries is featured at Yellow Pages, as part of its Scrumptious Pumpkin Dishes gallery! Thank you for the mention. ^o^

How about getting more "golden" at Gold Box Deals? Lightning Deals?

I recalled going for the lightning deal last Thanksgiving for items in Kitchen Deals but could not match up the lightning speed of some "professional" online shoppers. Professional? They are quick! If you are wondering what is today's deal -Check Deals now! Also, Black Friday Event (22-27 Nov) with savings up to 50% on a wide selection of products for the home from kitchen knives to appliances.has already started!

Take the opportunity to buy gifts for your loved ones! Ever since buying gifts became a chore for me many years ago, I turn to Gift Cards. Hey, I hear ya. It lacks sincerity. (And ok, I am also not talking about buying gifts and toys for kids). Hoo...ha! But it's practical. Your loved ones get to choose what they want and how they want to shop. Now, when your buddy asks you "hey budd, I wanna to get you a gift this holiday, give me some ideas?". What would you say?

Which one are you?

(1) Tell the person the gift you want and he/she buys them for you
(2) Tell the person "I will like it as long as it's a gift from you. It's the thoughts that count"- (errrr, are you sure?)
(3) A gift card is good. Makes it easy for the giver and receiver
(4) Next closest to gift card is money but is it really a good idea to give money? Some argue that to give a gift card is equivalent to giving money - what do you think?

Personally, I have been using the Amazon Gift Card to shop at Amazon and love it. It is so easy. Go check it out!