Parchment-Baked Mango Chicken Wings, with other superfruits

Hey lady, how lady-like you are, lying down so gracefully...

Bathed in golden delicious gravy...

What is golden: mango
What is golden: golden kiwi
What is golden: curry power and turmeric
What is golden: honey

To the base marinade, I added the "remnants" (leftover) of a mango (including the seed) and kiwi (citrus-sweet); with some gojiberries (sweet) to jazz up the otherwise savory-spicy roasted chicken wings.

Mango-Kiwi-Gojiberry Chicken Wings in Parcel-Bakes
Ingredients: 4 chicken wings; [Marinade]: Ginger Garlic Spice Seasoning; leftover of a mango (Note: those fibers and flesh stuck to the skin and seed of the mango*), leftover of a kiwi (Note1: flesh stuck to the kiwi skin*), 1 teaspoon of gojiberries, rehydrated in water.

*Tip: Scrape off the remaining "flesh-remnants" from the skin and seed of the mango; similarly scrape off the remaining flesh from the kiwi skin. Don't you just hate it when, after the bulk flesh of the mango is sliced and consumed, there are still remains of juice/flesh which you so very much want to the very last drop?

Directions: Add everything into a Ziploc bag and make sure the wings are coated with the marinade. Allow marination in the fridge for at least 1 hr. Preheat oven 400F. Below baking them in the oven, remove the wings from the Ziploc bag and place the chicken on parchment paper, wrapped and sealed. Bake in a sealed parchment paper parcels ("En Papillote") or foil, properly wrapped and sealed, at about 400C for about 20-30 minutes.

The sealed parcel holds in moisture to "steam" the chicken and the result is moist, delicious, tender chicken wings with all the flavors you ever wanted. Savory. Sweet. Tangy. Spice.

This is non-crispy chicken wings - with the outcome of the final dish almost similar to steamed chicken. So it is moist. So it is juicy. So it is delicious.

Note2: If you want it crispy...EASY. Just bake or roast it as per normal. Don't wrap them up/seal them in parchment paper.

Will you be roasting a turkey this Thanksgiving?

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