See's Candies

I used to buy See's Candies from the store. Back then, I will pick a few of my favorite flavors. If you know me, anything "Dark Chocolate" suits me. Their peanut brittle (also one of their best sellers) is quite popular too. I usually don't buy a lot when I am in the store. Just pick five or six pieces of each variety, then go back another time for more. Now that I don't frequent the store anymore, getting See's candies online is also a good (much more convenient) idea. I was just browsing the online store and the Premium Extra Dark Chocolate Bar Gift Pack is alluring. Yes, of course. Extra. Dark. Chocolate. My ex-co-workers on the other hand, love their Krispy.

Frankly, even if I don't buy, I am having hell of a good time browsing and staring at chocolates. Their Christmas gift collection is so christmasy and Thanksgiving gifts are so fall (and orange!).If you order soon and have your order delivered by 15 Nov 2010, you get a FREE $5.00 Gift Card with $35.00 Purchase. Ok. I am not waiting. I am signing up with my email at their website to be entered for $200 gift card.