Kale and Potatoes Soup

This can become my favorite cooking tip or kitchen quote: When in doubt, add tomatoes.

I wanted to make kale the main-dish for me this time, not as a side such as Kale with Garlic and Mushrooms and Garlic Kale Stir-Fry. Tomatoes come save me! Make me an appetizing delicious soup!

The kale soup would not have made it without the tomatoes. Come on, simply sauteing the onions and garlic, plus some broth then adding those kale is not going to make me my kind of soup. But with tomatoes? Definitely.

Also,I used the potato-trick again to make this soup a one-dish meal for me. So here, Kale and Potatoes in Tomato-Based Soup!

Seasoning with a lil' sea salt and ground white pepper. Some red chili flakes and red chili powder to spice things u...

The soup is also for Souper Sunday at Kahakai Kitchen.

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