RiceCooker "Braised" Pork, Babi Chin

This can be cooked over the stove-top. But how can I forget, "promoting" the use of a rice-cooker to cook this...^o^

In my cookbook, I call this Braised Fragrant Pork (Pg. 188), also otherwise known as Babi Chin in Nyonya Cuisine. The sweetness from the generous use of shallots with the aroma of star anise and coriander seeds marks this dish - Delicious!. Of course, the sliced red chili ups the notch.

When you set the rice cooker to "Warm", it simmers and cooks at low heat.

Following the Steamed Ribs with Garlic Black Bean Sauce, this pork dish is the last of the Pork-Series of my rice cooker cookbook that I will be sharing in this blog. What I have done using the rice cooker and what is available in my cookbook....I have shared:

Soups and Stocks
Clams and Corn Soup
Chicken Daikon Soup
Cabbage Tomato Soup

Starters and Sides
Hot Shot Sweet Corn
Potato and Cheese Egg-Omelette
Spicy Fish Custard
Thai Shrimp Cakes
Mango Chutney
Rice Cooker Cabbage

Pasta and Sauces
Chinese Meat Sauce Macaroni
Chinese Meat Sauce

Rice Cooker Biryani

For those who have got my cookbook (thanks for your support once again!), you can refer to Rice Cooker tag at the right column for partial pictorial help, and when in doubt, email me (tigerfish1101@yahoo.com.sg)

Saving the best for last...
I have more coming up. How does Dim Sum sound? Then for the sweet tooth...we have DESSERTS. Yes I don't bake. So what desserts can I make? Look out for all of them. Coming up soon!

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