Cod Fish Sticks, Fish-Fingers - Homemade good!

Happy New Year, all of you out there! I have stopped making new year resolutions, so maybe you can tell me yours.

I "bookmarked" this idea some time ago since frozen fish-fingers (or they call it fish-sticks over here?) spells childhood. Yes. When I was schooling kid, that was what I sometimes ate for breakfast -- Bird's Eye fish-finger sandwiched in bread.

I basically don't deep fry. Hear me right. I enjoy deep-fried food but doing that at home - No no! But, Lisa is Cooking's Halibut Fish Sticks: those shallow-fried fish-fingers look so darn crispy and CUTE! They look and sound really easy to make too. So...I AM MAKING THAT. I will make Cod Fish Sticks!

Kept to the very basics, I did not make any sauce PLUS made some adjustments (for the sake of experimenting a new product** I bought recently)

(1) Pacific Cod was chosen as that was the only fillet I have in my freezer.

(2) No panko bread crumbs - so I used Wheat Germ** (read more at end of post).

(3) No sauce. Instead, sprinkled some Japanese spice powder: Togarashi over the fish sticks for added flavor and spice.

What fish sticks? I say they are mini petite "fish and chips"! Oh, no chips. But you get the idea.

* Wheat Germ: That was a new product I bought recently after looking at the ingredient (100% Natural Raw Wheat Germ...and nothing else). And with description written on the pack ..."....breading for chicken and fish...."...this could be like an alternative for panko. Of course, I do believe that this is not an exact substitute especially when you are headed for the panko-type-crispiness cos it is not panko right from the start

Also, a natural source of folic acid, this is like a nutrient-dense coating to crisp up anything. Hmmmm...

Do you have a deep-fryer? I don't since I don't deep-fry often, if at all. If I ever need deep-fried food, I would do so in a wok or a deep cast-iron pot.

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