Rice Cooker Fish, Corn and Shrimps for Appetizers, Snacks, Starters

In the past, I have used a Basic (Cook/Warm) rice cooker. The recipes in the The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook (Everything Series) are mostly created using this basic/conventional rice cooker. Basic and serves me very well.

Currently, I am using the TATUNG TAC-6G(SF) White 6-Cup Rice Cooker Steamer which uses a stainless steel inner pot. I have decided to do without non-stick cooking surfaces, even in my rice cooker! It is a good change for me.

When the post on Braised Fragrant Pork was up, most of you were more excited over the kind of desserts I will be featuring next. What desserts will Tigerfish be featuring in the rice cooker? She can't bake! What desserts can she bring us? Well, before going to that, I did say Dim Sum? And prior to that, I wanted to make it complete by following up on Haw Mok Pla...(Chapter 3: Sensational Starters - Spicy Fish Custard, Pg. 37)...and some others.

If you have bought the book - Paperback /Kindle (thanks for the support!), here are some pictorials for you. Sorry, photos were not required in the book. Nevertheless, I do have some photos taken and to the benefit of those who have the book, you have my blog to refer to. When in doubt, select tag "rice cooker" under Search Ingredients at the column to the right. I have selectively covered a few rice cooker topics, with photos to the recipes in the book. Hope this helps.

Spicy Fish Custard

Further, remember that post on Hot Shot Sweet Corn (Chapter 3: Sensational Starters, Pg. 31) that sets some of you guessing the spices I have used?

I'll SHOW you the answer! :)

Now you know! Spices for hot-shot sweet corn. I bring this to My Meatless Mondays and Hearth and Soul.

Can't get enough of Thai? You can never imagine how easy it is to make Thai Shrimp Cakes at home!

Start making them! Chapter 10: Easy Thai-Style Shrimp Cakes, Pg. 156

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